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Pride 2024: Will your brand do it right?

It’s that time of year again when brands are gearing up their campaigns for Pride 2024, and whilst brand support for the LGBTQIA+ community is needed to help tackle the current issues, we have to make sure these campaigns are done correctly and brands are supporting the community year-round. 

Consumers can see straight through corporate rainbow washing. In a survey done by Dig In, 70% of Gen Z consumers felt that brands and media do not do enough to support queer representation in mainstream media, with 80% wanting brands to use their platforms to educate on LGBTQIA+ issues. A study by Ogilvy found that 52% of consumers surveyed were more likely to purchase from brands that are LGBTQ+ inclusive, and according to a survey by GlobalWebIndex, 56% of Gen Z consumers are more likely to purchase from brands that actively support social causes like LGBTQ+ rights.

And if there is anything I love most about Gen Z, it’s their cynicism when it comes to what brands say vs what they do. Cancel culture has its place. Because after all, if your main objective for Pride 2024, as a brand, is to increase your sales using the rainbow flag and not support or give back to the community, then be prepared to be called out and cancelled for it.

As a society, we are going backwards in supporting the LGBTQIA+ community. The government did a u-turn on the conversion ban and has implemented changes to legislation that is endangering the lives of our trans community. We need more allies than ever. Brands are influential so they need to step up.

But what is the main problem here? Some brands struggle to take a firm stance on where they sit on issues affecting the LGBTQIA+ community. Instead, opting to use the rainbow in a loose attempt of support. While consumers respond positively to brands that participate in Pride campaigns, authenticity is crucial. It’s essential for brands to demonstrate a long-term commitment to inclusivity and diversity in their actions and policies, not just during Pride month. According to a survey by Dig In, only 17% of Gen Z think that the use of a rainbow flag actually supports the cause, so why even bother? 

The answer is: that brands shouldn’t. If your intention is not to fully support or use your platform to educate and create awareness around the issues facing the community, you are just another contributor to corporate rainbow washing. As a brand, you really need to think deeper if you want to resonate with individuals during Pride month.

So how is your brand supporting Pride 2024 this year? Will you do it right?

Hire us! From concept to completion, hire queer contractors and freelancers, LGBTQIA+ lead agencies and talent from the community to undertake your campaigns. The talent is out there. Show your support by paying us.

Back Petitions: Don’t sit on the fence. Take a stand. We need your REAL support.

Amplify Voices: Create positive narratives for your campaign. Amplify voices from the community to empower, inspire and support the community and its allies.

Educate: Use your platform to debunk LBGTQIA+ propaganda and highlight important issues.

Take a look at some brands that actively support the community, and do it well.

Bed Head

This personality-packed brand has got its feet firmly in the community. With year-long campaigns such as Headstrong and their support of charity, Stonewall, they support and inspire the whole community. Check out our work on their WeTransfer campaign.

Absolut Vodka

Absolut collaborated with artist and activist Gilbert Baker, the designer of the original pride rainbow flag, to create a lasting LGBTQ+-friendly symbol on their bottle. Absolut have used the pride flag as their symbol of support for years, and it’s not just for show. They were a founding sponsor of the GLAAD Media Awards, an early sponsor of RuPaul’s Drag Race and have been contributing to LGBTQ+ charities for many years. Check it out here.


In 2022, Apple released two new Pride Edition bands with dynamic Pride watch faces in support of the global LGBTQ+ community and equality movement. Apple has consistently demonstrated real support for the LGBTQ+ community with donations to charities like Encircle and The Trevor Project. But they also manage to combine this drive for support with artistic innovation.



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